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The Eastlands is a grouping of large islands to the east of Azeroth. The lands were first discovered by Alliance tradesmen several years before the dawn of the First War . The area would become a staging ground for many conflics following the landfall of these first colonists. 

Base map

Map of the Eastlands.(Emeraz to the west, Emethest to the east, and Southmar to the south)

History (pre-WoW)Edit

This cluster of large islands was first discovered approximatley 10 years before the start of the First War, when Stormwind was sending out expeditions in order to fuel the nation's growing population. The discoverers of these lands were a trading company known later as the Eastwind Trading Co., which took full control of whatever they could get their hands on. The first continent to be discovered was Emeraz , the western continent.

Ancient Times

Before the Titans discovered Azeroth, the Eastlands was ruled by the Old Gods just as the rest of the world was. The Titans would vanquish the Old Gods, and seed their own creations. The birdrians were one of the first sentient inhabitants of the Eastlands. Although the Old God's were sent deep below the surface, their influence would not be stopped. Xel'thern , a faceless one who had been sent to the surface by N'Zoth , took control of the birdrians after the titans had left Azeroth. For hundreds of years, Xel'thern had total control over Emethest. It was only until an uprising led by High Chieftan Marek Hawkscreech challenged the faceless general and his minions. The war raged on for years, until Marek was able to slay Xel'thern within the abandoned titan mountaintop fortress of Shatterran. For years after that the birdrians would live free from control. Marek would establish the largest alliance of tribes in the region, which would become known as the Bronzefeather Empire.

Fall of the Bronzefeather Empire

Although the Eastlands was unknown to outsiders, it nonetheless had a thriving native population. Tribes of avian people who would be dubbed "Birdrians" by the trading company inhabited a large portion of the Emeraz. The largest society of birdrians was the powerful Bronzefeather Empire, which ruled over thousands of natives. This Empire was led by High Chieftan Tharn Hawkscreech , a powerful birdrian shaman who used the elements to conquer his enemies. Although the empire was powerful, it was still no match for the Eastwind Trading Company, which had far superiour weaponry. After several years of conflict, the trading company would emerge victorious over the empire. Tharn was slain in battle defending the empire's capital of Nalfiningar . His son Ven Hawkscreech would take his place, however there was no longer any power left to hold for him and his people, and the remaining birdirian refugees were left under complete Eastwind control. After the Bronzefeather Empire was destroyed the leader of the expedition, Melvin Gallagen , set his sights on more lands further off, as there had been rumors of continents even further east. He would send out a massive expedition which would be led by Commander Markus Rommel, a Stormwind General. Rommel would dicover the continent of Emethest to the east.

The First War

During the orc invasion many soldiers of Eastwind were sent back to the Eastern Kingdoms to aid in the defense of Stormwind. However it was in vain, and Stormwind would still fall to the orcish hordes. The destruction of Stormwind created a new sense of independence for Eastwind, and with it their power strengthened. Lord Regent Melvin Gallagen would take full control of the company after Llane Wyrnn I 's death. Through the fighting of the war Markus Rommel's men had been forgotten, and left to fend for themselves on the newly discovered continent. Feeling abandoned, Markus decides to break all ties with Eastwind and Stormwind, the expedition succeeded and formed the new "Amethar Confederacy", which would from then on work independently from all the other human kingdoms.

Creatures of the Depths

Several months after the end of the First War, a new power would rise from the rocky depths of Brightvale. These ogre-like creatures had been slumbering below ground for centuries, and had awakened for reasons unknown. The creatures were known as Zombights, and were vicious and ruthless. Eastwind, despite its best efforts, was unable to completely push back the invasion, and much of Brightvale was taken over.

The Third War

Late in the Third War the Burning Legion attempted to take control of Emeraz in a last ditch attempt to keep their hold on Azeroth. Using the Anegar Gate in Jadrenar , the lich Byzarrium summoned the demons in an attempt to wipe out Eastwind and claim the land for themselves. While their campaign had initial success, and Brightvale would be taken by the undead who had allied themselves with the Zombights of the region, the Legion would ultimatley be defeated by Eastwind and Lordaeron reinforcements led by General Gerke and Cenararus.


The entirety of the continents ranges largely in geography, from large grassy plains and vast arid deserts, to lush green forests and dark blighted undercanopies. Much of the area has been noted for its rich mineral and lumber resources, which has attracted attention of Azeroth's factions, notably the Alliance , Horde , and Scourge .

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