Eastwind flag

Flag of Eastwind Trading Company, closely resembling the flag of Stormwind.

Eastwind Trading Co. (often known as Eastwind, or just The ETC) is a Stormwind-based expeditionary force that held vast control of the Emeraz continent up until The Shattering. Although mainly made up of laborers, the company is led by nobles from Stormwind and Lordaeron, which were notorious for their cruelty.


ETC's forces are consisted primarily of members of Stormwind and Lordaeron, and are therefor mainly made up of humans. The bulk of the company is made up of poor laborers, with several nobles overseeing the operation.

History Edit

The company was first birthed several years before the First War as an expedition out east in attempts to discover sources of new resources for the Kingdom of Stormwind. Although Stormwind would be destroyed during the First War, Eastwind would continue its work seperate from Stormwind. Although later issues after the first war such as the Zombight invasion and several Bronzefether revolts would dent the company, it would remain relatively intact until Wrath of the Lich King, when Scourge forces would begin to break down the power structure of the area and sow the seeds for later issues. 

World of Warcraft  

Near the start of Vanilla, the Bronzefeather tribes gained their independence from Eastwind. After their assistance in combating the Burning Legion during the Third War, Cenararus Windchaser brought the Bronzefeather peoples' plight to the attention of Varian , and with his help allowed independence for the birdrians. The Bronzefeather Confederacy was created by Ven Hawkscreech, and from then on had total independence. Although the Bronzefeather Confederacy would get along with both Alliance and Horde factions, it would have a very uneasy relationship with Eastwind.  

Burning Crusade

  During the Burning Crusade, Eastwind pushes up north into the Denab Wilds, Northwood, and Clemet's Isle. The city of Mattenheim in northern Northwood is completed, and becomes a major port for the faction.  

Wrath of the Lich King

Seeking to cripple the Alliance forces of a major industrial center, the Lich King sends Scourge forces to Emeraz to plague Eastwind major cities. The mission, spearheaded by the lich Byzarrium, is largely a success, and many towns in northern Eastwind provinces become infected with the plague of undeath, including the major port of Mattenheim. The Zombights to the east also begin pushing forward, now allied with the Lich King.

Shortly before The Shattering, a rebellion later known later as The Onyx Rebellion tore the trading company apart, which had already been struggling to deal with Scourge forces to the north and east. The rebellion was spearheaded by Udner Remulus, a former noble of the company, and would soon create the Onyx Brotherhood which challenged the rule of ETC. A year long civil war between the Onyx Brotherhood and ETC loyalists backed by the Alliance ensued, and in the aftermath the company was dissolved. Three Alliance colonies took control of the area after the companies fall; Falreer, Grengar, and Tyranar.  

Leaders Edit

Former Leaders Edit

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