Welcome to the Eastlands WikiEdit

Hello, person. If you happened to run across this wiki (I don't know how you would unless I linked you it personally), I'd like to welcome you.

What is this wiki about?Edit

This wiki was made purely for my enjoyment. The Eastlands is a completely made up land within Azeroth, the world that the World of Warcraft and other Warcraft games take place in. During my free time I have thought up an entire seperate world with its own leaders, factions, zones, and history among other things. Although it is seperate from the canonical world, it nonetheless has many ties with it story wise. For a good while stuff will be fairly cluttered, and I don't expect many to understand much info of this wiki. It is mainly just a way to organize my own thoughts, and perhaps share them with others.

Latest activityEdit

 11/29/2014 Wiki created!

Doc Nexik/Cloudi, owner and titan of Eastlands

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